Civil Engineering

The built environment goes beyond merely mastering the elements—it conveys a message. BHB crafts solid civil engineering solutions to match what you want to communicate.

Whether you need a bridge to span a river or a drainage solution to manage a creek, BHB’s civil engineering team is ready to draw it up. We specialize in infrastructure that connects people, such as roadways and pavement, and infrastructure that protects people, like flood control systems. It doesn’t matter whether it’s above-ground or below—we have the know-how to develop the ideal structure to meet your civil engineering needs.

Our teamwork extends far past the walls of our offices. We work hand-in-hand with our land survey team from the initial topographic survey to the final grading plan. We also have positive working relationships with many city and county officials and have an excellent history of securing legal permissions for infrastructure design projects. And we’re ready to add you to the team.