Bill Baird, Merlin Hampton, and Les Brown knew that something had to change.

It was 1992, and their outstanding work had led each of them to comfortable administrative positions. But they missed their true passion: building partners through interactive engineering work.

So Bill, Merlin, and Les took action. They founded Baird, Hampton & Brown, a firm dedicated to principal involvement at every stage to ensure quality results from start to finish. At BHB, principals would also invest in the next generation of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers, serving as mentors and leading by example.

Recognizing that they could positively impact the built environment on a broader scale, BHB expanded their suite of services to include land surveying and landscape architecture. Time proved that BHB’s visionary model was sound—and satisfied clients have helped ensure that the firm never lacks for work. Principals are still involved in each project from start to finish and up-and-coming engineers are still receiving stellar industry guidance.

Now, with four offices in Texas and over 30 years of engineering excellence, BHB is looking to the future of the industry. Sustainable engineering practices are needed now more than ever, and BHB is leading the charge in inventive, long-term solutions that will benefit clients and communities for years to come.