White Papers

To help you find fresh perspectives and bright ideas for your company, we’ve developed resources that give detailed information on unique solutions, specialized topics, and all things new in the industry.

Animal Shelter Design from an Engineering Perspective

Learn how our mechanical engineers keep the air clean and the spaces habitable in animal care facilities.

Benefits and Use Cases for Energy Modeling

Learn how to put energy modeling information to use during design.

Water-Cooled VRF Systems for High-Rise Buildings

Discover the up-and-coming Water-Cooled VRF system and how it could benefit your next high-rise project.

Mechanical System Solutions: Chilled Water

Considering the pros and cons of a system that utilizes water to remove heat from the air.

Mechanical System Solutions: Direct Expansion Rooftop Units (DX RTUs)

An examination of the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases for this common form of air-conditioning.

Mechanical System Solutions: Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

An in-depth look at geothermal heat pump systems and how we've put them to work.

Soft Surface Nature Trails: Paving the Way for Community Recreation

Soft-surface nature trails, also known as singletrack or mountain bike trails, are not your average bike trail or sidewalk.

Preventative Maintenance: Keep Your Building Running Successfully

Gain more insight about how to effectively implement preventative maintenance.

A Bright Future in Store for Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Lighting

Discover the evolving technology of PoE lighting and how to know if it is the right match for your project.

Mechanical System Solutions: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Get an in-depth look into VRF, a leading energy efficient HVAC system.