City of Azle Municipal Complex

Azle, TX


  • Municipal


  • mechanical / plumbing engineering
  • electrical engineering


  • 30,000 SF

BHB partnered with GSBS Architects to provide the design of a new municipal complex for the City of Azle. The complex includes two separate buildings, City Hall and Police Headquarters, both approximately 15,000 square feet each. The new City Hall provides office spaces for city employees, a large city council meeting room, and a community space. The new Police Headquarters houses all police operations along with a jail area and new 911 call center.

The HVAC systems for both buildings utilize a mixture of VAV rooftop units and single zone rooftop unit. IT rooms and server rooms are served by ductless split systems and redundant units in case the primary unit has to be serviced. VAV boxes with electric reheat were provided for optimal zoning of the buildings to provide the most efficient system possible for the City’s budget. A Sally Port in the Police Headquarters was provided with electric heat and ventilation fans. The ventilation fans are interlocked with carbon monoxide sensors so that the space can be ventilated in case a vehicle is left running in the Sally Port during prisoner transfer. Both buildings are tied into a single building control system (BCS) so that systems may be monitored and adjusted from a single point.

Typical plumbing systems were designed for both buildings along with a separate fire sprinkler system serving each building. The jail area was designed utilizing correctional plumbing fixtures with easy access chases for personal. Close attention was payed to the routing of all over head plumbing so that no piping crossed IT or server rooms. The electrical design for this project entailed a complete LED lighting system package with daylight harvesting capabilities, decorative linear pendants in the lobby areas, theatrical lighting in the council chambers, confinement fixtures, flag pole lighting, and parking lot lights. Most significant to the design was an on-site 350kw generator with 24 hours worth of diesel storage to serve both buildings for emergency egress lighting and power for the 911 dispatch room and holding cell areas. Also included was a temporary generator docking station and an RV hookup in the parking garage.

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