Depot on Main

Burleson, Texas


  • Multi-Family
  • Residential


  • mechanical / plumbing engineering
  • electrical engineering


  • 276,095 SF

BHB provided MEP engineering services for the design of a new, two-building, five-story, 275-unit apartment community on a five-acre tract at the northwest corner of King and Main Streets in Burleson, Texas. The project is located adjacent to the city’s Old Town and is the only entitled multi-family site in this area. This project is integral to Burleson’s future plans to make this part of the city, known as Old Town, a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, Mayor Ken Shetter said.

Building 1 is approximately 125,745 square feet with 127 apartment units, leasing office, and fifth-floor amenity lounge with a 750-square-foot covered patio. The lounge contains comfortable seating for 30 people with a pool table, foosball table, and an indoor/outdoor bar with sink.

Building 2 is approximately 150,350 square feet with 148 apartment units, dog wash facilities, and a 1,300-square-foot fitness center.  Each apartment is accessed through conditioned internal corridors.

The two apartment buildings are served by electric heat dx split systems. Each individual apartment has its own split system for an approximate total of 500 tons of cooling capacity. The corridors are served by multiple split systems located on each floor. Careful coordination was required for ductwork, conduit, piping and structure to keep the corridor ceiling as high as possible.  The leasing office is served by a 7.5 ton variable volume dx rooftop unit with electric heat with variable volume terminal units to provide additional comfort control for the space.

Our electrical design consisted of power and lighting design for the two apartment buildings, amenity areas, pool area and site. We also provided a performance specification for fire alarm at the buildings. We worked closely with the design team to maximize ceiling height and floor area with how we designed and routed all our pipes, ducts, and electric feeders.

At the request of the architect and client, we strategically located most of the apartment electric meters inside a designated room within the building to avoid the unsightly appearance of numerous meters on the exterior walls, which is common in many apartment complexes. This approach required allocating some interior space, but through collaboration with Oncor and the architect, we successfully implemented the plan. Only 73 meters are externally visible between the two buildings, and we were able to position those external meters discreetly.

We also worked closely with Oncor to optimally locate the transformers, underground cables, and conduits, ensuring they integrated seamlessly with the overall site design. Additionally, during the construction phase, we partnered with the client to identify practical and cost-effective locations for installing two EV charging stations at each building.

Key People

  • Richard J. Watters, PE

  • Gibran Michel, DBIA, LEED AP

  • Rhiannon Jones, PE

  • Paul Morris, PE