Diamond Hill Community Center

Fort Worth, Texas


  • Community
  • Municipal


  • electrical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • mechanical / plumbing engineering
  • land surveying


  • 24,361 SF

BHB provided land surveying and civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design for a new, 24,361-square-foot community center. The center houses several amenities, including a fully equipped boxing gym, a spacious gymnasium, a modern fitness center, a recreational billiard room, a craft project room, a teaching kitchen, versatile meeting spaces, and a computer lab. The diverse functions of these spaces required the implementation of several specialized MEP systems tailored to each space’s unique requirements.

The mechanical systems design consisted of approximately 75 tons of variable volume rooftop units. The core of the building containing the meeting rooms, game rooms, and teaching kitchen are served by a variable volume rooftop unit and associated terminal units with electric heat. The fitness rooms and gymnasiums are each served by single zone variable volume rooftop units utilizing energy recovery. These units were placed within a mechanical well to hide them from view below the sloped roof. The plumbing system design was focused in the teaching kitchen and locker rooms. The new domestic water heating design utilizes recirculated gas tankless water heaters, and the teaching kitchen is served by a grease interceptor located blow grade outside the building.


The electrical scope consisted of complete electrical distribution and meticulous coordination with the architect to integrate a wide variety of light fixtures and controls throughout the facility. The boxing gym, for example, has an intricate lighting design with intelligent controls to manage and dim various groups of fixtures dedicated to the boxing ring, speed bags, training bars, and murals on the walls.

The civil scope included an on and offsite drainage analysis to verify that the project improvements would not have an adverse impact on surrounding properties. Drainage analysis included coordination with the project architect and our in-house plumbing team to design an onsite private storm drain system that tied into roof drains and downspouts. BHB’s civil team also produced site and grading plans for private and public paving improvements that improved vehicular and pedestrian access to the site.

The project required coordination with the City of Fort Worth Parks Department and the City of Fort Worth Water Department for the design and the relocation of an existing 12-inch public water line that was rerouted around the new community center. The civil design also included detailed coordination with the owner, project team, and contractor to designate construction phasing so that the old community center could remain operational while the new building was being constructed.

To create the new spaces economically, construction utilized a combination of three pre-manufactured long-span metal building structures linked by the main entry and lobby. The architectural design seamlessly blends classic masonry with a contemporary metal building exterior, enriched by vibrant colors paying tribute to traditional Hispanic textiles.  Enhancing the center’s visual appeal is the public art installation “Rising Strong” by artist Elizabeth Akamatsu, positioned in front of the facility. Inspired by the Diamond Hill area’s rich family legacy, the stainless steel sculpture embodies the concept of planting a seed, establishing roots, and cultivating a flourishing life, featuring flowers influenced by Diamond Hill’s namesake and reflecting the vibrant colors of its surroundings.

Key People

  • Trace Strevey, PE

  • Joe LaCroix, PE

  • Dave Horsburgh