Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park Hike and Bike Trails

Bridgeport, TX


  • Recreational
  • Municipal


  • civil engineering


  • 211 acres

BHB was asked by the City of Bridgeport to design 10 miles of soft surface, multi-use singletrack trails in the 211-acre “Northwest” section of the Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park. Civil engineering and design services were provided, including aerial photographs and contour maps, field visits, walking the proposed trail route, and completing the final schematic design. BHB’s largest singletrack project to date, the trails expanded the park to provide a dedicated area for non-motorized recreation.

BHB embraced and used the natural conditions while providing a suitable trail alignment for recreation by foot and bike in a cost-effective manner, while carefully adhering to the trail construction practices of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) manual. This included a trail corridor with a minimum width of six feet and height of seven feet while staying clear of all brush, shrubs, and branches of nearby understory trees. The trail corridor alignment was designed in a manner that features rolling contour trails to create a safe, fun, and a challenging experience, while supporting wildlife habitat and a low maintenance trail. With nearby attractions such as Lake Bridgeport and Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, the addition of the trails added to Bridgeport’s array of outdoor recreation and is setting a precedent for how municipalities can steward singletrack trails for their community and foster a culture of well-being.

Key People

  • Shannon L. Nave, PE, CFM