Honda of Weatherford

Weatherford, TX


  • Commercial


  • civil engineering
  • land surveying
  • landscape architecture


  • 15 acres

BHB provided site civil engineering, land surveying, and landscape architecture services for the new Honda dealership located in Weatherford, Texas. Along with site development, BHB was responsible for offsite road and utility design, on-site drainage and detention, TxDOT access, parking, grading, paving, erosion control plans, and boundary/ALTA survey, topographic, and tree surveys. While the project was challenging and had many moving parts, Honda of Weatherford was completed successfully and opened to the public in March of 2019.

Photo courtesy of Fort Construction.

To begin this project, a special use permit was required since the business pertained to auto sales. The permit allowed BHB to receive variances on items that were required, such as moving the trees away from cars to allow for better visibility of the inventory. AutoTURN software was used in order to create an entrance to make sure large trucks and car carriers could get on the grounds. The original site only had one entry point from the I-20 Frontage Road. To make it easier for customers to access, this project included the design of Kaitlyn Dr., as well as the road’s water and sewer lines. Parts of Kaitlyn Dr. were included in the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ), which is a revolving fund cities use to improve infrastructure. BHB’s worked with TxDOT to receive approval to remove the area of denied access on the I-20 Frontage Road and replace it with Kaitlyn Dr. to the west and a driveway to the east, which created a second access point to the Honda site.

Landscape plans were designed to comply with all city landscape requirements, as well as the inclusion of decorative plantings to enhance the appearance of high visibility landscape areas. Special emphasis was placed on the use of native and well adapted landscape species, which will result in low maintenance, low irrigation needs, and attractive aesthetics. The project also included heavy evergreen landscape screening to buffer the project from existing residences along the south property line.

Photo courtesy of Fort Construction.

Key People

  • Shannon L. Nave, PE, CFM

  • Ottis Lee, PE

  • Tom Kellogg, RLA