Ott Cribbs Public Safety Center

Arlington, TX


  • Municipal


  • electrical engineering
  • mechanical / plumbing engineering


  • 15,900 SF

BHB provided MEP engineering services for a 10,800 SF renovation with a 5,100 SF addition for the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Center. The project serves to expand the existing emergency operations center and patrol/911 dispatch center. Electrical design included the addition of a second emergency generator rated at 600 kW and a 50 kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A new 8,000 gallon, UL2085, above-ground diesel fuel tank was provided to supply seven days of emergency power run time for the new and existing generators in the event of an extended utility power outage.


The new dispatch center has 32 stations, each provided with receptacles connected to both emergency and UPS power sources. Electrical design also included extension of the existing lightning protection system to new roof areas and a new analog addressable fire alarm system throughout the existing three-story office building and two-story jail.

Mechanical system design included the addition of three new packaged rooftop units utilizing compressorized cooling and electric heat, for a total of 32 tons of cooling. Two rooftop units were variable volume with downstream variable air volume (VAV) boxes and electric reheat for maximum zone comfort. A new Liebert computer room air conditioning unit was designed to supplement cooling to the existing data center located in the emergency operations center (EOC), which allowed the rooftop units to provide backup cooling. Mechanical design also included an emergency air scrubber system that can be activated in the event of an airborne chemical release and will allow the EOC to remain operational and supplied with clean outside air.

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