Public Infrastructure Maintenance Program

Edgecliff Village, TX


  • Municipal


  • civil engineering
  • land surveying

As the Town Engineer, we compiled a city-wide inventory of all public infrastructure, including water, sanitary sewer, storm drain and roadway/paving. At a later date, a system wide Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study was performed, and the pipeline condition data documented. This data was utilized in developing a list of needed and prioritized improvements.

As a separate project, a Drainage Master Plan was prepared, which identified system inadequacies, structural concerns, and needed improvements. Furthermore, the Town’s entire Water Distribution System was modeled, considering current and future needs. The model identified adequacy of existing line sizes, flexibility of the distribution network, and needed enhancements.

All of the above data was compiled to develop the Town’s Public Infrastructure Maintenance Program. With the assistance of the Director of Public Works, we helped develop a priority list of projects – being sensitive critical infrastructure, pipeline and pavement condition, maintenance needs, citizen concerns, TCEQ requirements and expectations. The all-inclusive infrastructure maintenance plan is periodically reviewed, updated, and used as the blueprint of the Town’s annual infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

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