Russell Feed & Supply

Fort Worth, TX


  • Commercial


  • civil engineering
  • landscape architecture


  • 2 Acres

Baird, Hampton & Brown recently provided civil engineering and landscape architecture services for Russell Feed & Supply’s new store in Fort Worth. Russell Feed, a family owned and operated business, is known for their humble beginnings and wide range of home and garden, farm, livestock, and pet products. Located at 10600 Camp Bowie West, this store adds to the company’s multiple locations in the DFW area and surrounding communities. The new 12,000 square-foot building takes the place of their previous Camp Bowie location, which now provides more space for customers, and allows increased ease of access and drivability for large delivery trucks.

Civil services for the two-acre site included a final iSWM (Integrated Stormwater Management), large angled truck docks to increase traffic flow, and designing a drainage system that allowed the new truck docks. The project included coordinating with TxDot and the City of Fort Worth, and did not impact adjacent property owners. With the addition of the new docks, the site’s space can be managed more efficiently and allows 18-wheelers to drive directly up to the building.

BHB’s landscape architecture services for this project involved saving as many trees on the site as possible, while also meeting the City’s urban forestry and landscape ordinances. In an effort to save mature trees along the street frontage, curving landscape beds were created to accentuate the existing trees mixed in with new shrub and groundcover plantings.

Key People

  • Shannon L. Nave, PE, CFM

  • Tom Kellogg, RLA