Shari D. Coleman Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

Pearland, Texas


  • Municipal


  • electrical engineering
  • mechanical / plumbing engineering


  • 17,120 SF

Baird, Hampton & Brown provided the MEP engineering design for the Shari D. Coleman Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Pearland, Texas. The building is approximately 17,120 square feet and equipped with indoor/outdoor dog kennels, multiple play yards with synthetic turf, and even livestock pens.

Inside the building, you will find several areas for cats and dogs. Some specialized animal spaces include dedicated places for adoption, meet and greets, isolation/quarantine, veterinary areas for medical, surgery, pre-op, and recovery, food storage, microchipping, and commercial laundry facilities. Other interior support spaces include a reception lobby, offices, a breakroom, public and private restrooms, a shower room, and a walk-in freezer.

A heated and ventilated drive-thru sally port is utilized for secure delivery and transfer of animals, and solar tubes are installed throughout the building to provide natural light into many animal spaces.

The electrical design specified an 800-amp, 120/208 volt distribution system to support the building’s power needs. All lighting fixtures are LED to minimize energy consumption. Light fixtures are controlled by a combination of relay panel switches and occupancy/motion sensors to turn off lights when rooms are vacant. Daylighting zones and multi-way switching were designed to provide the minimum required light levels. For security, the facility is equipped with security cameras and electric card readers for personnel access to specific areas of the building. This project was also designed with a docking station and a 250 kW natural gas generator to power the entire building in the event of a power outage.


The mechanical system utilizes a 100% outside air unit (OAU) that closely controls temperature and humidity. The unit exhausts 100% of the air from each space through an energy recovery wheel which tempers the incoming air to save energy. The OAU also includes a UV light package to provide additional protection against bacteria. All animal spaces are designed for a minimum of 12 air changes per hour to minimize odors and promote a healthy environment. Animal spaces are designed and balanced at a slight negative pressure in relation to adjacent corridors to confine airborne particles.

High-efficiency split system heat pumps condition the non-animal spaces. Indoor units serving multiple areas include UV lights and MERV 11 filters to sustain a clean environment.

The plumbing design incorporates low-flow plumbing fixtures for water conservation. All toilets and lavatories are equipped with sensor-operated flush valves and faucets. The water heating system utilizes a high-efficiency gas water heater and includes a recirculation pump to ensure hot water is readily available at all fixtures. Dog kennels are equipped with trench drains and wash-down systems to maintain cleanliness.

A new wet pipe fire protection system with a remote fire department connection was designed for this building. Fully recessed sprinkler heads were specified in all areas with ceilings to provide a neat, clean appearance.

Key People

  • Ian Bost, PE, LEED AP

  • Les Brown, PE, LEED AP

  • Sean Rath, CGD, LEED AP