Texas Wesleyan Martin Student Center

Fort Worth, TX


  • Education


  • civil engineering
  • land surveying
  • mechanical / plumbing engineering
  • electrical engineering


  • 44,000 SF

Baird, Hampton & Brown was pleased to provide the civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering as well as land surveying for the most significant capital improvement project at Texas Wesleyan University in 100 years. The project consisted of a new 44,000 square-foot student center building located within the great lawn at the center of campus. The new facility created the spaces for an expanded list of student services as well as the consolidation of existing services that had previously been spread throughout the campus, including a dining hall, bookstore, and ball room for major events.

The civil design included a circular drop off connected to the clock tower entrance at the front of the main campus. Other pedestrian centric amenities included plazas at each of the entrances to the building. The western plaza incorporated an existing historic fountain that is now better highlighted with new seating areas and outdoor charging stations for the student body. The eastern entrance of the building provides a new outdoor amphitheater, expanding seating and creating an outdoor interface for the dining hall with a raised stage for student group activities. Land surveying services for this project included a topographic survey, construction staking and electric, water, and utility easements.

BHB’s electrical engineering team provided the installation of a new electrical service and the coordination of the food service equipment for several different carry-out food vendors and a coffee bar. A unique aspect of this project included the lighting controls for the upstairs ballroom space, which can be configured into three smaller spaces. BHB worked with the design team to provide a flexible lighting control system that automatically adapts to the configuration of the room. The mechanical scope included 140 tons of cooling for the student and family welcome center, bookstore, student government, student lounge areas, office space, food court, and the ballroom.

Key People

  • John W. (Bill) Baird, Jr., PE, RPLS

  • Dave Horsburgh

  • Richard J. Watters, PE