The Vineyard on Lancaster

Fort Worth, TX


  • Faith-Based
  • Residential


  • civil engineering
  • landscape architecture

Baird, Hampton & Brown, teamed with Schwarz-Hanson Architects, provided site development and civil engineering design for two new mixed use buildings. The site, a city block east of the Union Gospel Mission, previously contained six houses that needed to be acquired and rezoned. BHB provided all the necessary entitlement services: vacating the Chamber and Kennedy Street right-of-ways, rezoning the property to mixed use, and platting the eight lots into a single lot of record. During the due diligence and feasibility analysis, we worked with the owner to secure the grant approval which would allow the construction to move forward.

Image Credit: © Schwarz-Hanson Architects

The site design proceeded in two phases; phase one completed the podium style parking structure to be jointly used by the neighboring women’s building, and phase two included the development of mixed use public retail spaces with private gated upper level multifamily housing. Keeping in mind the real estate value, podium style parking was chosen to make the most efficient use of the site.

Urban forestry plans and landscape design were also provided. The site is zoned MU-2, which requires a point system for various landscape elements. To obtain these points, our landscape architect included street trees, pedestrian scale lighting, benches, litter receptacles, and racks.

Image Credit: © Schwarz-Hanson Architects

Key People

  • Trace Strevey, PE

  • Tom Kellogg, RLA