UTA Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Innovation (CEEI)

Arlington, Texas


  • Education


  • mechanical / plumbing engineering
  • electrical engineering


  • 4,000 SF


BHB provided MEP engineering services to this approximately 4,000 SF existing shell space in the College Park building at the University of Texas at Arlington. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Innovation (CEEI) includes one open office, four individual restrooms, one conference room, one classroom/presentation space, and one break room.


The client was under a tight budget for this project and our team kept that in mind throughout the design process. A cost saving measure used in the process was installing larger terminal boxes in some areas to reduce the number of boxes required. The original design called for seven boxes and our team reduced it to four.

Another cost-saving measure was in the commercial split system. The plan was to have a condensing unit on the 4th floor and a fan coil in the lower level of the parking garage, which can be pretty costly. To save on these costs, we used a packaged unit located on the first floor.

Our team also wanted to allow for maximum usable space in the building, so we installed the AHU in the lower level of the parking garage. This helped the space get its maximum usage and not have to worry about trying to fit a massive AHU unit somewhere in the building.


This building is currently in a “soft launch” phase, while it’s establishing goals for its programs, priorities, and opportunities for UTA students and staff. It has currently been helping UTA students work on their entrepreneurship skills, network, explore future career options, and more! It even allows faculty to learn entrepreneurship and economic innovation skills and connect the community to these resources with different workshops.

Key People

  • Ian Bost, PE, LEED AP

  • Mark Arnold, LEED AP