Weatherford Water Reuse Pipeline

Weatherford, TX


  • Municipal


  • civil engineering

The City of Weatherford’s water needs are largely met by surface water from Lake Weatherford. This water is provided by rain falling on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River upstream of the Lake Weatherford Dam or water pumped to Lake Weatherford from Lake Benbrook. The City of Weatherford recognized that it could utilize treated effluent from its wastewater treatment plant and provide a more secure and less expensive source of water by pumping from the treatment plant rather than from Lake Benbrook. In addition to allowing Weatherford to grow with greater water independence, this project will also assist in keeping Lake Weatherford at a more constant elevation, even in late summer.

BHB was selected by the City of Weatherford to design the north 3.5 miles of the 16” water reuse line, as well as the outfall site design. This is an ongoing project, and to date, BHB has completed a route evaluation, received approval for the recommended route, obtained survey Right Of Entry (ROE) for the private portions of the route from the property owners, and completed the design survey for the project. We are currently preparing the preliminary design for the project, which will include air release and blow off valves, and inline flow and pressure reduction sleeve(s). BHB will be coordinating with private property owners, obtaining TX-DOT permits and working with utilities along the route, as well as coordinating with the City and the engineering firms responsible for the design of components at each end of the BHB segment of the project.

Pictured: The outfall location for the Weatherford Water Reuse Pipeline project

Key People

  • Shannon L. Nave, PE, CFM

  • Scott Crawford, PE