The multi-disciplinary firm of BHB provides the complete, integrated services of: civil, structural, and MEP engineering; land surveying; and landscape architecture—all under one roof. Our teams work collaboratively to provide our clients with innovative, sustainable design solutions in Texas and throughout the United States.


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civil engineering

We develop solid civil engineering solutions for a wide range of projects, whether it’s a refresh of outdated infrastructure or realization of new ideas. Our team is adept not only in infrastructure design, but also in securing the legal permissions from city, county, state, and federal officials required for a project to be built. We know exactly what is required to keep the process moving forward, whether the task is a routine plat submittal, a complicated zoning change, a master development/land plan, or a lake and dam.

mechanical / plumbing engineering

Our mechanical engineering team creates environments that are comfortable for occupants, energy efficient for building operations, and sustainable for our planet. We design heating and cooling systems for a range of purposes—buildings, offices, manufacturing centers, and critical environments—including medical operating rooms, museums, libraries, multi-family residences, dorms, and data centers.

electrical engineering

We create exemplary design solutions involving complex electrical distribution systems and lighting systems for virtually every type of facility or campus. When we design electrical systems, we engage in every detail of the solution—from the utility company’s meter to every last switch, sensor, and plug involved with the project. Our modeling software also lets us show the client what the building facade and interior spaces will look like after our lighting design is implemented.

structural engineering

We design the bones that allow your structure to stand for years to come. BHB uses state-of-the-art techniques and software to take sound engineering principles from theory to something you can physically walk through—or on or under. From the drawing board to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, our team dedicates their time to building a structure you can trust and a relationship that you can rely on.

landscape architecture

The combined know-how of our landscape architecture team transforms the most basic landscape elements into smart solutions that deliver important benefits to communities year-round. For office complexes, communities, parks, and roadways, we collaborate with our in-house team of engineering and survey professionals to create sustainable landscape design solutions for a full-service approach.

land surveying

Combining sophisticated survey technology with integrated disciplinary expertise, we deliver seamless surveys, maps, measurements, and planning documents that are accurate, consistent, and cost-efficient. BHB’s land surveying and civil engineering teams work together using Civil3D software, GIS, GPS, imaging technologies, Robotic Stations, and other leading-edge field equipment for precise results.


A company is only as good as the people in it. Fortunately, you're in good company at BHB.


As a multidisciplinary firm, we pride ourselves on the streamlined communication we are able to offer our clients. As an owner or client, renovation or new construction projects can be stressful enough without the need to juggle contacts for multiple consultants—let us handle that coordination for you. When you work with BHB, you have one point of contact and we’ll take care of the rest.

130+ employees

30+ years in business

45+ licensed professionals

One team

“For a couple of decades Tarrant County has used BHB, both as a sub-consultant to an architect and directly contracting for improvements/repairs/replacements in our five million square feet of space in 60 buildings. As a local firm, BHB has always been there for us. We pick up the phone and they respond.”

David Phillips, Facilities Management Director, Tarrant County

“BHB continually goes above and beyond on projects by listening to the client, responding to actual conditions and visiting the site as needed, adding value by understanding changes in the industry and how they may benefit clients, working as a team member to solve project issues both from a time and cost efficiency perspective, and having senior level involvement and presence throughout.”

Tim Brekel, Executive Vice President, ERES Companies

“BHB has been instrumental in our ability to deliver and maintain reliable MEP systems in our buildings. We don’t see a lot of change in staff, the staff we work with is consistent and their knowledge of the university is beneficial to us; that creates a huge level of comfort from a project-planning standpoint.”

Brian Franks, Executive Director, Facilities Development & Operations, Texas Wesleyan University