landscape architecture

We believe that the intersection of beauty and functionality is the heart of landscape architecture. Our landscape architecture designs reflect the harmony of practicality and utility with aesthetics and appeal.

Majestic trees. Striking shrubs. Colorful perennials. Flowing grasses. These landscape features add visual appeal to office buildings, plazas, and playgrounds. In the hands of our landscape architecture team, however, these attractive elements become hard-working, multitasking assets that deliver important benefits.

Correctly-sited deciduous trees can cool and protect spaces from the hot summer sun while allowing sunlight to heat those same spaces in winter after the leaves fall. Likewise, carefully selected drought-resistant plants can help reduce water bills year ’round.

Our landscape architecture team collaborates with our engineering and surveying crews to create sustainable landscape design solutions. Whether your priorities are extensive botanical preservation or by-the-book code fulfillment, we know how to help you accomplish your greenery goals.


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